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Flotsam Vector by KingArthur5
Flotsam Vector
Featuring Flotsam from the amazing podcast "Fallout is Dragons", an amazing mix of Dungeons and Dragons and Fallout Equestria following a party of strange heroes(?), including this little bomb filly, Flotsam! I'm just getting into this vectoring business, so I used a typical filly base to try it out. Let me know what you think/what I did wrong and I'll keep it in mind for my vectoring!

Check out Fallout is Dragons at:

If you want to see more of her, check out Ask Flotsam

MLP Belongs to Hasbro
Flotsam belongs to DallyDaydream

EDIT: Tail now included.
Rainbow Dash Smirk Vectored by KingArthur5
Rainbow Dash Smirk Vectored
This is me trying my hand at vectoring screenshots of pony thanks to THIS awesome tutorial… by THIS awesome vectorer :iconzacatron94:. Let me know how I did, how I can do better. This was surprisingly simple, so I MIGHT try making comics after I get a good stock of vector images.

MLP belongs to Hasbro.
My Little Pip by KingArthur5
My Little Pip
~My Little Pip, My Little Pip. Ahh Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhh~
~My Little Pip, I used to wonder what the Wastes could be~
~Until you showed its horrors to me~
~Mutant monsters, loads of gore~
~Evil ponies, corrupt at core~
~Zombish ghouls, with hanging meat~
~and radiation makes it all complete to have My Little Pip~
~Don't you know that this place is full of deeaaaaath~

... sorry. Anyways, first Littlepip! The main character from one of my favorite fics! Time taken: much too long. Tools used: not nearly enough.
Any advice I can use for future drawings are much appreciated!

Oh, and because this isn't my character: Littlepip belongs to kkat, the creator of Fallout: Equestria in all of its glory.
What do we have here? by KingArthur5
What do we have here?
This is my first dip into digital drawing. I've maybe drawn 3 or 4 ponies before this, so any tips or tricks would be fantastic. Also, this is KIND OF my OC, sans cutie mark, wings, 100% correct coloration,  correct hair/tail style... okay, not my OC, but BASED off of him (not really).


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United States
Just a guy who likes Biology, creativity (even though he has very little), and games.

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